This chapter of the Import Car Centre story started back in 1984 when Dan (who was selling used audio equipment out of his home) approached George and Karel to sell used vehicles to his audio clientele.  Word quickly spread through his client base to where he needed to make a decision, audio or vehicles.  Clearly, he chose to move over to selling used vehicles.  Some of our first staff members were clients (Eddie and Fran) who joined the family in ’87 and ‘88.  Over the last 35 years in the auto industry we are very proud to say we have the lowest turnover of staff of any car dealership we know of. This is why we refer to our staff as family.

The basic concept for the business has always been to grow by referrals and repeat business.  We retain one of the highest rates in the automotive industry.  One cannot accomplish this unless you exceed clients’ expectations both during the sales process and the after-sales service.  Eddie in fact referred Danielle (Dan’s wife) to see us for a car.  You can definitely say that the after-sales service on this particular deal was exemplary.  They in fact recently celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary.

We started out carrying about 20 vehicles in inventory during the early days.  Now we stock around 100 vehicles at any given time.  In 2016, we did some major upgrades to the business.  Our sales office was replaced with a new showroom, the lighting was changed out on the lot for the latest in LED technology and we repaved the entire lot surface.

No matter your budget, we’ll help you find the vehicle that’s right for you.

Ask us about our industry leading warranty protection programs: Comprehensive coverage up to 200,000 kms on most vehicles.