Kent MacNeill

The Prodigal Son returns! Back when I lived in Ottawa from 1995-2002, I was fortunate to have met Dan and Eddy and the Import Family. I purchased three cars from them in succession and never had a single problem…not one! Great value for car and easy on the pocket book. Then I moved to Sudbury and thought it was too far to still deal with Import Auto. So I purchased from different used car dealers around Sudbury and North Bay. Guess what? Every single vehicle was problematic. In 2017 I purchased a Mini Counteyman from a Northern Ontario dealer. Within a year and a half, the car had maintenance bills more than half the price of the car, and I was in negative equity territory. Even if I traded it in, I’d be stuck owing on the car. Horrible, just horrible. Then, I searched online at the old Import Auto site out of curiosity. 35 years and yes they are still going strong. I found a car I’d much rather have. I sent my summary for appraisal at 11:30pm thinking I may hear back from them in a week. At 12:05 am Dan sent me a text back. The following day he called me. In less than a week, my Mini was no longer my problem, and I’m in a newer, Jetta Turbo Diesel Highline that is truly superb. More than that, when I arrived, I got a hug from Dan. Yes, a hug, not a handshake, a hug. I’m very happy to be back with my Import Car Centre Family , and met the fantastic Colleen who is a whizette at financing! I’m done trying elsewhere. Import Car Centre is home and I’m a lifer for sure! Thanks again Dan and Colleen!